Month: September 2020

  • Learn React Native with a Board Game (Part 1 of 4)

    In this tutorial, you’ll be learning about basic concepts, developing an application from scratch, state, props, and components. This tutorial is for both beginners and professionals. Introduction to React Native React Native is a JavaScript framework created by Facebook, Inc. It is used to develop mobile applications for Android and iOS. The mobile applications are […]

  • IntelliJ – Connect to MySQL running in Vagrant

    IntelliJ – Connect to MySQL running in Vagrant

    The Database feature of IntelliJ/PHPStorm is very powerful compared to the MySQL CLI. It allows your edit your data from the UI easily without writing any MySQL commands. Here is how you can connect your MySQL server running in a vagrant machine to the IntelliJ’s database feature and improve your productivity during development. Create a […]

  • React – Render String with HTML tags as HTML

    There are often times when you have a string with some HTML tags such as strong that you want to render as HTML on the DOM. Most solutions online recommend using dangerouslySetInnerHTML but that is dangerous as the name suggests. The proper way to render HTML from string is to use FormattedMessage from the formatjs […]

  • Debug slow PHP applications using IntelliJ or PHPStorm

    It is frustrating when your PHP application is really slow and you do not know which part of your code is taking up too much time. Google considers 2 seconds as the optimal loading time for a fast loading website. Enabling PHP XDebug Profiler PHP’s Xdebug extension can be used to profile your web requests […]