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  • How to run an HTML file?

    Many modern editors are available to create and modify web pages. But we recommend using simple editors like Notepad (windows) and Textedit (Mac). How to open Notepad in windows? Open start and type notepad at search. (OR) Open Start > Programs > Accessories > Notepad. How to open Textedit in Mac? press command + space enter Spotlight search will appear […]

  • React: How to use Apollo with ‘Union Types’ in GraphQL

    React: How to use Apollo with ‘Union Types’ in GraphQL

    Apollo is one of the most popular React library to work with GraphQL APIs. However they don’t have native support when your APIs contain union types. Let’s look at an example API that contains union types and how we can work with them using Apollo. Assuming you have an API like this: that returns this […]

  • How to become a web developer

    Everyone who wants to become a web developer must know basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Our posts will help you to learn Web development from Beginners to Master Level. No prior knowledge required. HTML is the skeleton of the webpage. CSS is the muscle and skin that covers the skeleton and makes it beautiful. Javascript […]