How to become a web developer

Everyone who wants to become a web developer must know basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Our posts will help you to learn Web development from Beginners to Master Level. No prior knowledge required.

  • HTML is the skeleton of the webpage.
  • CSS is the muscle and skin that covers the skeleton and makes it beautiful.
  • Javascript gives the life to the whole system.


  1. Get your hands dirty which conveys that you should start practicing. It is very easy to start your web development. You just need a notepad for writing the code and any browser to run it.
  2. Don’t memorize the code, just understand the usage of the elements in HTML, CSS, and JS (Javascript). It will make you a good developer.

What to do now ?

  • To become a web developer you must master the HTML (Hypertext markup language) first. HTML is the integration of several tags that should be learned first.
  • Second, comes the CSS (cascading style sheet) through which we can change the appearance of the webpage like changing the colors, size, fonts, etc…
  • Javascript is used to write functions to the web page, like testing if the entered email is valid or not while logging into some social media web sites.

In next post we will run our first webpage






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